1. Fukuda DNA: Electrocardiograph pioneer with a proven record of performance and reliability, continuing to produce innovative products as a front-runner in medical device development

Fukuda Denshi began as a pioneer in medical device during the dawn of electrocardiography in Japan. Throughout our 80 years in existence, we have always put patients first and stood in their shoes as we took on technological challenges and innovations as the best partner of Japan’s leading cardiologists.

Electrocardiographs were one of our founding products, and with the ‘60s technological breakthrough of automated electrocardiographic analysis, we produced Japan’s first automatic ECG analysis system in 1969. In the 1970s, in response to the emergence of the medical concept of “effort angina,” we proceeded to make our devices smaller and capable of longer recording times, eventually succeeding in developing the nation’s first Holter ECG Recorder.

Meanwhile, with our patient monitors, we combined Japan’s highest automatic analysis technology with customizable display setting functions for user-friendliness at the medical front lines. The resultant package of cutting edge technology and “Kaizen” (continuous improvement) techniques won us the resounding trust of healthcare professional. Furthermore, we were awarded the Minister’s Award by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for the innovative nature of our VaSera series of vascular screening system, which we developed in response to the need for indices to assess arteriosclerosis for Japan’s rapidly aging population.

As our glorious history shows, Fukuda Denshi is the front-runner in Japan which continues to produce devices which embody the latest academic findings. Our innovative technologies continuously stimulate medical advances, and are held in high esteem by academic eminences.
Never to fail in noting the subtlest change in a patient’s condition: By continuously responding to the rigorous wish lists of highly dedicated healthcare professional, we have honed our “Monozukuri (art of manufacturing)” prowess which is the strength of Fukuda Denshi. Each and every one of our R&D staff is infused with this expertise, which we dub “Fukuda DNA.” This in turn serves as a powerful engine for the next technological innovation.

2. Fukuda Worldwide: Bringing one-stop health care solutions to patients around the globe

While we started out with electrocardiographs, Fukuda Denshi is now a leading company in Japan which offers Total Solution Services centering on the development of medical devices which span from prevention/testing, treatment, follow-up observation, home medical care and rehabilitation in the cardiac and respiratory fields. Our services can now be enjoyed by patients not only in Japan but also in about 60 countries around the world.

In addition, we have commenced a large-scale clinical study verification to determine whether our new CAVI parameter of the VaSera series is appropriate for predicting cardiovascular events. A full global rollout of VaSera is in our pipeline.

3. Fukuda Future: Improving patient QOL and brightening their future with ceaseless innovations in hardware and software technology

Advances in ICT, which enable the integration of various healthcare services, further accelerate the growth of Fukuda Denshi’s Total Solution Services. And these services are improved even more every day, in all aspects including safety, speed, accuracy, and user friendliness.

Fukuda Denshi also participated in a 2009 experiment which focused on the future of humanity. Our digital Holter ECG Recorder, FM-180, was used for medical experiments aboard the International Space Station, conducted by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan’s key organization for space development. The fact that our ECG Recorder had passed NASA’s exacting performance tests further served to enhance our global reputation as a trusted, leading electrocardiograph manufacturer with unshakable technology capable of performing under the harshest of conditions. Our participation in the ISS experiments was a precious opportunity for Fukuda Denshi to play an important role in medical care beyond national and ethnic borders, envisioning a future where humanity might live in outer space.

Going forward, Fukuda Denshi will consider M&A to further reinforce our R&D, as well as incorporate rapidly advancing AI and robotics for more innovative technology. One related project is the utilization of the humanoid robot, to provide support to the front lines of healthcare.

Driven by our strong DNA for continuous technological innovation; delivering one-stop total healthcare services Worldwide; and working as the best partner of healthcare professional to enhance patients’ QOL and create a hope-filled Future. Fukuda Denshi is and always will be a company committed to our social responsibility, contributing to advances in medicine through the development of medical devices equipped with innovative technology.

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