DynaBase CVW-6000 software stores patient data monitored from Central monitor(s) in a server based database. Stored patient data can be reviewed from web browsers on client PCs connected to a TCP/IP network.


  • A system that will match your needs.
  • Improve management environment in a hospital.
  • Easy access to up to date patient information anytime, anywhere in a hospital.
  • Full disclosure, event recalls, tabular trends, and graphic trends display.
  • Immediately review patient's status in case of emergency.
    NOTE: CVW-6000 system is not a patient monitoring system.
  • Stores vital patient data for up to two weeks during hospitalization and a further two weeks after patient discharge.
  • Up to 32 central monitors can be connected to 6 servers. (maximum configuration)


OS and Web browser

The following combination is recommended:
Windows® 7 + Internet Explorer 8
Windows® 7 + Internet Explorer 9
Windows® 7 + Internet Explorer 11
Windows® 8.1 + Internet Explorer 11

Java Runtime Environment

JRE 1.6.0-24 or JRE 1.7.0-15

Internet Options

Set security level for Local intranet to Medium-Low. Turn off Pop-up Blocker.


Pentium 4 2 GHz or more recommended


512 MB or more recommended (for client PC using DynaBase only)


1024 × 768  resolution or more, 256 or more colors


100 MB free space for Java Runtime Environment.

CD-ROM Drive

Required for software installation.

Communications interface

Ethernet controller conforming to 100Base-TX. (Built into chip set, PCI, PCMCIA, etc.)

Other storage devices

Devices that are recognized under Windows® environment as drives and come with media that permits rewriting.


100Base-TX switch (reccomended)

LAN Cable

Category 5, 100Base-TX compatible

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