The VSS-50 data management software acquires, displays, prints, corrects, and manages the inspection data measured on the VaSera Series Sphygmomanometer and Sphygmograph.

VaSera: VS-2000


  • Data management can be performed for numeric data as well as waveform data (inspection data).
  • The VSS-50 system can be operated on up to
    10 PCs. The data managed by one PC (Server) can be displayed on, or printed from other computers (Client).
  • Inspection data that is stored on the IC card can be registered off-line.
  • Examinee information can be acquired from the host computer and used on the VaSera series Sphygmomanometer and Sphygmograph.
  • Inspection results can be output in JPEG / PDF graphic file format.
  • Examination data can be entered from the result output file of examination devices other than VaSera series.
  • All VSS-50 data can be printed out or exported as a CSV file.



Windows7 (Home Premium / Professional /
Ultimate) 32 / 64bit
Windows 8.1 32 / 64bit
Windows 8.1 pro 32 / 64bit


Comply with the recommended system requirements of OS.


Comply with the recommended system requirements of OS.


1024 x 768 resolution or higher
High Color (16bit) or higher

HDD (Disk Space)

Application 180MB, Data 10GB (100 thousand data)

CD-ROM Drive

Required for Installing the VSS-50, VSS-3.

PCMCIA or USB connection

Required for using the CF card reader / writer.

USB port

Required to use the Software Protector (CodeMeter).


Required for on-line registration of inspection data.

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